Our Boasters Story

A local roastery becomes a family business

Our coffee ready Kenworth Rig regularly heads out into our local community serving some of the freshest Boasters Coffee available to our community, as well as giving support to many great local charitable organizations.

Designed from a converted 1978 Kenworth K100 cab our Boasters Rig is mobile across the wider Bay Of Plenty region.  If you have a need for great coffee at your next event, or you are a local organization wanting to to create a difference at your next event why not consider Boasters Coffee Rig

Doing what we love

Boasters Coffee reflects our coffee passion and our desire to offer the best coffee moments. Boasters also reflects who we are as people and our love of our family and our communities. We hope you’ll love our coffee as much as we do, we certainly think it’s coffee worth shouting about!

Our founding roaster Peter Schulte first created the original Oto's Roast in 2008. As an owner of cafes, Peter wanted more control over the quality of the coffee he was serving his customers.

Boasters are proud to share these unique coffee blends with all of NZ, so everyone can enjoy what Peter started.