Our coffee ready Kenworth Rig regularly heads out into our local Rotorua community serving some of the freshest Boasters Coffee available to our people, as well as supporting some great local charitable organizations.

Designed from a converted 1978 Kenworth K100 cab our Boasters Rig is mobile across the wider Rotorua districts region and may be just the right fit for your next event.  If you are organizing a local event, or you're a local organization wanting to to make in impact get in touch with the Grind-2-Halt team below.

Grind-2-Halt Contact From

Complete the form below to get in tough with us about having our Grind-2-Halt rig at your next event.  Please be sure to give as much information as you can including: Dates and Times you would like the cart serving coffee and the location and nature of the event.  Thanks.